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CityNet Homeless Services

CityNet Homeless Services

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City Net is a team of nonprofit professionals who work to end street-level homelessness in a city or region through the coordination of community efforts and activities. We are contracted by cities and regions to address and end homelessness in the community. When local needs require it, City Net also deploys staff in direct service provision through the following:

Street Outreach

Street outreach is service delivery for the specific purpose of reaching out to unsheltered homeless neighbors; connecting them with emergency shelter, housing, or critical services; and providing urgent, non-facility-based care. These activities are intended to help homeless neighbors to begin the process of obtaining appropriate supportive services, including assistance in obtaining permanent housing, medical health treatment, mental health treatment, counseling, supervision, and other services essential for achieving independent living. City Net’s street outreach services include engagement services, emergency health/mental health, transportation and services for special populations.

Case Management

Case management activities to assess housing and service needs and arrange, coordinate and/or monitor the delivery of individualized services. Specific activities include:

  • Assessment and intake using HMIS (Homeless Management Information System)
  • Conducting initial evaluations including, verifying and documenting eligibility
  • Counseling
  • Developing/securing/coordinating services
  • Helping obtain Federal, State, and local benefits
  • Monitoring and evaluating program participant progress in particular program
  • Providing information and referrals to other providers; and
  • Developing an individualized housing stabilization plan that leads to the attainment of stable permanent

Housing Navigation

Housing navigation connects a homeless individual with a trained and experienced housing navigator to develop a housing plan, address the barriers identified during the plan, and acquire documentation and complete forms required for housing. It also involves housing search which includes attending property owner meetings, setting appointments, and assisting with paperwork related to housing applications. Navigation also includes tasks involved with securing housing including inspections, utility startups, and moving into housing.

Census Coordination

We assist and/or lead in Point In Time Counts or Homeless Censuses as we are contracted by different cities or regions.

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