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Santa Barbara County Homeless Housing Programs

Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool

Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool

The goal of the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool is to secure quality affordable housing for vulnerable people who are experiencing homelessness. This funding has a narrow focus which is to remove the final financial barrier for a client to be housed or to meet Housing Quality Standards. It provides the missing piece they need to get them across the finish line.

How to access PHS-FSHP Funding:

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Things to remember:

  • Individuals and Families must be on the CES referral list and prioritzed for a housing intervention to receive FHSP assistance. PHS will notify CES of an FHSP request.
  • Non-Document Ready clients can access this funding.
  • Can be used in conjuction with other funding sources that do not cover requested costs.

What FSHP can be used for:

  • Moving Costs
  • Rental Assistance
  • Rental Application Fees
  • Basic Needs (furnishings, etc.)
  • Appliances to meet Housing Quality Standards
  • Bridge Housing (rental assistance or hotel/motel when permanent housing is identified)
  • Security Deposit(s)
  • Utilities

Rental Assistance and Security Deposit(s) are available when rental subsidies are exhausted or unavailable through other providers.