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Success Story: Amy and Her Boys

Success Story: Amy and Her Boys

By Partners in Housing Solutions on Nov 04, 2020 in Success Stories

Amy and Her Boys are in their New Home!

Success Story: Amy and Her Boys

In 2017 I suffered health complications which led me and my two teenage
boys into homelessness. Although I’ve worked for the same employer for
the past twelve years, I was unable to meet many landlord’s rental criteria.

My boys and I had no choice but to live in our car for two years. As a
result, my boys developed anxiety and my health deteriorated drastically. I
felt hopeless.

In October 2019, I was referred to Partners in Housing Solutions, where I
worked alongside their Housing Locator. Two months later, one of their
private landlords gave me and my boys the opportunity we’d been hoping

They gave us a home.

Thanks to Partners in Housing Solutions, we can now focus on our health and well-being!

The Challenge and the Solution

The Challenge:

  • Vacancy rates at less then 1% in Santa Barbara County
  • One of the most expensive cities to live in the state
  • Minimal government housing

The Solution:

To build and maintain a network of private landlords with trust at the core of these relationships, resulting in a private sector that is accessed and activated to show compassion to the less fortunate.